About Us

  • Safety
    We attach importance to the comfort and safety of office space, commitment to provide a safe environment and peace of mind comfortable office environment.
  • Enthusiasm
    Our enthusiasm and intimate, dedicated and paid, and is committed to providing customers beyond the expectations of the office experience.
  • Cooperation
    International business counseling and consulting, business referral and docking countries the latest venture capital and business experience, then the international innovation industry and then start, the correct direction of the enterprise.
  • Innovation
    Insight into the needs of customers, to play the spirit of innovation, continue to seek progress and improvement, one can service in place, rest assured that the work of business services to us.
  • Efficacy
    International professional services team to meet customer demand-oriented, rapid response, allowing you to focus on efficiency, to master the speed of the business of the pulse and rhythm.

Adhere to the 「value to replace the price」 of the core concept

Oneworld Innovation Business Center, accumulated many years of international service multinational groups, in the local set up office experience, we have the advantages and characteristics of innovation and intentions to meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes and become the best partner for business growth. We provide the highest quality space service and adhere to the core concept of 「value-to-price」 to support customers using the most flexible office space planning, creating a community environment for business media, and achieving the highest benefits at the lowest cost.

It is not only 「space」 but 「cooperation」

The oneworld Innovation Business Center provides customers with not only 「space」 but 「co-operation」. We are committed to the integration of resources, international entrepreneurship, one-stop business services, to provide customers with pragmatic business consulting; bilingual secretarial services, business referral and docking, we hope to become a customer partner, together to create a competitive management team. We look forward to the future of the new business, from the past in the Lane Lane apartment business era, to the professional business office and innovative services oneworld innovative business center, to practice your mind in the North Star.

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